Click on image for more detail of hammered copper fountains
"Torso" lives in an office in NE Atlanta.  This copper fountain was designed to provide a soothing visual effect for the office environment.  The water flows from side to side down a slightly convex copper surface, landing quietly in a vase like bowl below. 
Ein Gedi

"Ein Gedi" hangs in the front lobby of the Katie and Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center in Columbia, South Carolina.  It was commissioned by Ellen and Fred Seidenberg as a gift to the center. The water flows gently down into a beautifully hammered

bowl below.

Connie's Porch Fountain

"Connie's Porch Fountain" functions as an interior or extrior fountain. Displayed on a screen porch the water drops from one level to the next rolling down slightly curved triangular shapes.