Click on image for more detail of hammered copper fountains

"Angel Wings" 32"x33"x3"  is surrounded by Confederate Jasmine on a 9' brick wall in a small courtyard.  This sculptural fountain is happy runnng or not, bringing a sense of peace through sight and sound.


"Blue Frame" 39"x39"x4" carries water gracefully from the top right across sculptural pieces to the left, center, and down to the large beautiful bowl below. Birds come to perch on the edge and splash in the water. The sounds of the water attracts butterflys, humming birds and human beings.

"Rose Garden Fountain" standing 5'6" tall is the center piece for the Gene Strowd Community Rose Garden in Chapel Hill, NC (  

Water glides down both sides of the copper sculpture enhancing the tranquility of this 

fragrant garden. 


"Water Event" compliments the exterior wall of a retirement home in West Columbia.

Water flows from the top left of the sculpture gently moving down to the bowl below. The colorful patina comes from hammering and heating the copper sheets that have been cut and formed.